• Zero Incidents
  • Zero Injuries
  • Zero Risks

Our mission zero safety program supports crew and site safety, providing clear processes and protocols at every step of the job from rigorous pre-project safety planning to laying the ground work for safety improvement innovations. Because safety is our most important mission in the field.

Ten Safety Elements

From commitment and accountability to assurance, review and improvement, these elements outline a safe, healthy and responsible working environment.

The Seven Essential Steps

While the 10 safety elements make up the “what,” the Seven Essential Steps make up the “when.” This means a step-by-step playbook of roles and responsibilities.

Pre-work Transitions

Thinking ahead can make all the difference in safety. But how you move from planning to execution is still a critical step in safe work operations. These transitions help.

Stop Work Authority

Sometimes the right thing to do on a mission is to halt progress immediately. So part of Mission Zero is communicating Stop Work Authority in a way that everyone understands and respects.

Data Driven Optimization

EDGE OFS leaders from each portfolio company share data that was provided by their employees, as well as industry best practices, for process optimization.